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Nutri Dynamix Services,

At Nutri Dynamix, we can offer you individual consultations and nutritional programs tailored to your needs. We also consult with schools, sports teams and corporate bodies to provide nutritional advice and educational talks. Your consultations will incorporate the following services:

-Body Composition Analysis
-Body Segment Measurements
-Nutritional Interpretation of Blood Test Results
-Evaluation of Nutritional Intake
-Scientifically-Based Dietary Counselling
-Expert Nutritional Advice
-Discovery Vitality Points

Individual Consultations

Our Individual Consultations are divided into three separate phases:

1. Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

  • We will conduct a thorough nutritional assessment, considering your lifestyle, eating habits, anthropometric measurements, biochemical parameters, medical history and hereditary conditions.
  • You can expect to leave this consultation with focused health goals, a holistic understanding of your nutritional status, personalized nutrition education and a temporary meal plan.

2. Second Consultation (45 minutes)

  • 3-7 days after the initial consultation, you come back to receive an in-depth meal plan, personalized to your goals, body and lifestyle.
  • This meal plan incorporates key concepts such as balanced nutrition, portion control and understanding your nutritional requirements while your specific health concerns are addressed. Based on your requirements, your meal plan is tailored to offer practical strategies for meal planning and preparation to promote sustainable healthy eating habits.

3. Follow-Up Consultations (30 minutes)

  • The real magic starts to happen after your second consultation. In order to monitor your progress and see long-term results, you can expect to follow-up consistently on a weekly to bi-monthly basis.
  • During follow-ups, your eating habits, body fat loss and meal plan suitability will be analyzed and re-assessed. You will embark on a transformative journey where your lifestyle and eating habits are further tailored through consistency, to fit into every stage of your life

Nutritional Programs

Services Offered within Nutritional Programs Include:

  • Shopping list development
  • Lunch box ideas
  • Family-Friendly recipes
  • Grocery Cupboard and Fridge Organization
  • Convenience Meal Preparation
  • Healthy Snack Ideas
  • Holiday Meal Planning
  • Eating Out Menus Suited to You
  • Personalized ways to Rethink your Drink

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Our personalized nutritional programs, led by an experienced dietitian, offer comprehensive approaches tailored to your specific needs. Through assessments and measurements, we create a customized nutrition plan focusing on balanced meals, portion control, and nutrient-dense choices. Our programs promote a positive and sustainable relationship with food, enabling long-term health and well-being. We offer nutritional programs for couples, families, support groups, sports teams, schools and corporate clients where we provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure the progress with necessary adjustments made along the way.

Corporate Health and Well-being

Employee health is a concern that is of growing importance. If you are looking for an efficient and effective way to promote well-being in your work environment, the Nutri Dynamix offerings are well-suited to you:

  • Wellness Days
  • Team-Building Events (Healthy Cooking Classes, Interactive Activities on Nutritional Interventions to Support Energy Levels at Work, Snack Pack Building Blocks, Convenience Lunch Lessons)
  • Well-being Talks
  • Vitality Health Checks to earn Vitality Points
  • Group Talks and Programs
  • Express Check-In Consultations to monitor health status (can be done in-person with weigh-in or online)
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